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Bathhouse Row

One of Hot Springs' greatest attractions happens to be its rich history, and nowhere is this more evident than on bathhouse row. These gorgeous 20th-century buildings house exciting stories of Arkansas's past. You can walk through each one and ask questions about the architecture, the art, and maybe even request a bath for yourself!

What is a bathhouse?

Originally a communal pool where people could bathe, the bathhouses are known now for being a part of Hot Springs National Park. Public bathing in the hot springs faded out over the course of the 1900s, and now they are just a landmark of Arkansas history.

Bathhouses in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Bathhouse Row has around eight ornately-decorated bathhouses to explore! They each have their own artistic highlights, preserved rooms, and stories to tell. Let's go over all of them, and see which ones you might want to tour.

Buckstaff Bathhouse

Address: 509 Central Ave, Hot Springs, AR
Hours: 8AM - 3PM

While you can visit all of the bathhouses to appreciate their history, Buckstaff is only one of two that offer a traditional bathing experience. All of your worries will melt away in the thermal water pools.

During a bathing visit, you could expect the following:
  • Whirlpool Mineral Bath
  • 20-minute Swedish massage
  • Loofa Mitt
  • Paraffin Treatment (in the Deluxe package)
  • Facials (additional cost)
  • Pedicures and Manicures (additional cost)

Appointments are available by reservation only so make sure you call in before your trip!

Quapaw Bathhouse

Address: 413 Central Ave, Hot Springs National Park, AR
Hours: 10AM - 6PM (Closed Tuesdays) 

This is the other bathhouse that offers a relaxing day in the water! However, they also offer hair care, food services, and access to larger thermal pools. With an additional $10, you can visit a small steam cave that acts as a sauna!

During a bathing visit here, you may expect:
  • A lovely meal at the Quapaw Cafe
  • Drinks for guests over 21+
  • Public Thermal Pools
  • A Trip to the Steam Cave

Ozark Bathhouse

Address: 491 Central Ave, Hot Springs, AR
Hours: Call in at 501-624-2701

You won't be able to take a bath in the Ozark Bathhouse, but you will be able to tour it. It's one of the few that has a focus on art and culture when you walk in! You'll likely see:
  • Art gallery compiled by local artists.
  • Beautiful 20th-century architecture
  • Archaeological finds

Fordyce Bathhouse

Address: 369 Central Ave, Hot Springs, AR
Hours: 9AM - 5PM

As the most massive bathhouse on the row, Fordyce has a lot to show its guests. This bathhouse was converted into a museum, covering the gangster-ridden history of the park and the city of Hot Springs.

Ask a park ranger any questions you have! You may learn something you didn't expect.

Lamar Bathhouse

Address: 515 Central Ave, Hot Springs, AR
Hours: 9AM - 5PM

Once you've finished touring the other bathhouses, you may want to buy a souvenir. Nowhere is this more practical than visiting what was once the Lamar Bathhouse—the Bathhouse Row Emporium.

Here you'll find all sorts of soaps, hygiene products, and knick-knacks celebrating Hot Springs National Park.

Former Bathhouses

While not available for tours, you can still see these former bathhouses right next to the ones mentioned above.

Want a drink or a bite to eat in between bathhouses, the former Superior Bathhouse was converted into a brewery for people looking to casually drink during their downtown walk.

The Hale Bathhouse has actually been turned into a hotel, so it's not available for tours anymore.

Hopefully, this has been an effective guide to Hot Springs National Park! If you're interested in exploring these popular attractions, you should find a relaxing place to stay. Knotty and Nice Cabins is the best getaway location for those who yearn to unwind.